ACT Prep Online

Online ACT prep can be the push students need to perform their absolute best on this all-important college readiness exam. Livius Prep provides an option for every budget and level of improvement required.

Livius Prep is a 35-year strong tutoring institution that offers in-person and online services. We provide academic tutoring, SAT and ACT prep, ISEE/SSAT/HSPT prep, SAT/ACT comparison testing, and college counseling. We have a methodologically sound, research-based process of preparing students for doing well on important examinations.

Identifying a Quality Prep Course

ACT Prep OnlineThe ubiquity of online ACT prep courses has opened up the arena to some disreputable and low-quality options. As with any other investment, do a bit of research to verify the legitimacy and quality of the company you choose.

Elements to Look for include the following:

Contact Information – a legit company has an abundance of contact information posted and accessible. The headquarters’ address, emails, phone numbers, and important contacts will be clear. In today’s connected world, contact information should include social media identifiers.

BBB – the Better Business Bureau remains a credible source of info about the reputability of businesses. The rating the company has from the BBB will give you insight into the appropriateness of customer service, and the site will tell you how long the business has been established and information concerning claims against the company.

Online Resources – We live in an online world, full of consumer reports sites like Yelp. Do a quick search on any test prep companies you consider in order to garner a clear view of prior customers’ experiences.

Should You Take the SAT or the ACT?

Deciding between the SAT and the ACT isn’t an obvious choice. Institutions of higher learning don’t really prefer one or the other. Students would be wise to avail themselves of a comparison test, like the one offered by Livius Prep. The tests are different in scope, perspective, time allowed, and scoring.

The SAT has two sections; the ACT has four. The ACT has strict time limits, more difficult math, a greater number of grammatical questions, and lengthier reading sections. The ACT also has a science section while the SAT doesn’t.

Livius Prep offers a FREE 3 ½ hour examination that can help students answer the conundrum of SAT vs. ACT. Once you have this answer, the real preparation can begin.

Getting Ready for the ACT

If the test results suggest that you take the ACT, we won’t be surprised. It is the more popular of the two tests. To get ready for the big exam day, take advantage of the preparation Livius Prep provides.

Begin the process of preparing for the ACT with the also FREE online Foundations Program at Livius Prep. Designed for 10th and 11th graders looking toward taking college entrance examinations, this course provides 4-weeks of skills and strategies instruction followed by a live-proctored online practice exam, which will be reviewed and serve as a guideline for further test preparation. This process is ideal for identifying any areas that require improvement as well as those that are in good shape.

Following the Foundations course, you can continue to prepare with Livius Prep. We offer two online packages – an Online Essentials Course and a 12-hour 1:1 Private Tutoring service. Both programs rely on and include Mastering & Secrets of the ACT.

Optimize your ACT score with an online prep course through Livius Prep. We have the experts on hand, best practices, on-point practice questions and full-length tests, and a thorough understanding of what it takes to help students succeed. Harness your ACT superpowers by calling (800) 428-8378 or reaching out online.