ACT Prep Courses Online

Reaching academic and occupational heights begins with a strong, foundational education. Gaining admission to the school of your choice requires a maximized ACT score, and earning one becomes easier with online prep courses like those Livius Prep makes available.

The academic world is competitive. With ACT prep courses offered in schools and brick-and-mortar tutoring institutions, why would one choose an online prep course?

ACT Prep Courses OnlineThe answers are many and vary by the student. Online prep courses are conveniently available since you can participate regardless of your location or schedule. They’re generally affordable, with a course of study available for all budgets.

Enhanced Accessibility

Online ACT prep courses are accessible with any connected device. Study time doesn’t have to require the sacrifice of part-time employment, sports’ participation, student government, dating, or other preferred activities. When a few unoccupied moments arise, students can choose ACT prep rather than scrolling through Instagram. It’s all about priorities and balance.

Professional, Skilled Tutors

The tutors here at Livius Prep are far from the average tutors found with ACT Prep organizations. We hire highly educated experts in a variety of fields from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation. We further train these professionals to understand student motivation, learning styles, and the methods of demonstrating test-taking skills and strategies.

Individualized Attention

Online courses can be presented as a classroom, lecture style service or a one-on-one tutor session, or fall somewhere in between the two. Livius Prep offers two online options for ACT exam preparation as well as a free Foundations course for the ACT and SAT.

Both online ACT prep courses find their basis in Mastering & Secrets of the ACT – a series of books dedicated to maximizing the test results.

The Prep Essentials course comes with access to an enormous bank of practice test questions and full-length practice tests, 12 hours of live online class instruction where interaction is allowed, the books Mastering & Secrets of the ACT, and a simulated practice test with analysis of the results.

The next option is for 12 Hours of Online Private Tutoring for one-on-one virtual ACT prep and the Online Essentials program. The program also includes everything that the basic option includes.

Livius Prep’s Bona Fides

  • 35 years of experience
  • 1,000+ perfect SAT and ACT scores
  • 2,000+ Ivy League admissions
  • $30,000 average of academic-based scholarships/student

The ACT Examination: A Breakdown

The ACT score demonstrates college readiness and is used to determine admissions, scholarships, Honor’s College participation, and more. A solid score can put you in good standing for meeting your goals.

The exam has four parts including English, math, reading, and science, and students can choose to take a writing test as an additional examination. The highest score possible is a 36 averaged among the four parts, and students can retake the test a number of times, keeping the higher score for the particular section.

Prepare for the ACT with online prep courses such as those we offer at Livius Prep. The program will allow you to discreetly and thoroughly prepare to make the best score you’re capable of achieving. To find out more, call (800) 428-8378 or reach out online. Our customer service staff is exceptional and can walk you through the options and help you set up your course.