ACT Prep Course Options Available in Boston, MA

High school students need to prepare for college readiness exams. Some students do fine preparing independently, while others require in-depth tutoring. All students can benefit from a baseline for study, which is where Livius Prep begins with ACT prep course options available in the Boston, MA area, at our centers in Lexington, Wellesley, and Newton, as well as online.

ACT Prep Course Options Available in Boston, MALivius Prep provides 37 years of experience supporting student success. During this time, we have fulfilled more than one million hours of tutoring sessions and built a reputation for a student-centered program.

In the past decade alone, Livius Prep has led students to an average of 6 additional points on the ACT, 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT scores, 2,000+ Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 in merit-based scholarships per student.

Preparation for the ACT Exam

The best strategy for ACT prep is a focused, individual program of study, and that’s where all Livius Prep programs begin. The FREE Foundations Course that we provide consists of two sessions during a one-week period, with time during the session devoted to test-taking skills. At the end of the program, students choose whether they would like to sit for a live, proctored ACT exam. The cost is $50, but the result is a multi-page report with a focused blueprint for continued study.

Students can then follow an independent course of study, choose one of our programs of tutoring, or go in another direction entirely.

Composition of the ACT Exam

In order to do your best on the ACT exam, you should understand what will be tested. The exam consists of four sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science Reasoning

Identification of baselines on each section helps Livius Prep target your tutoring efforts.

Learning about ACT Score Maximization

Livius Prep helps students train for the ACT exam, just as they would train for a sport or other competitive event. The ACT is timed and rigorous; practice boosts skill and confidence, both integral to success on the exam.

Tutors Employed with Livius Prep

Effective tutoring requires a competent and informed tutor as an essential element of the process. Livius Prep tutors are graduates of the elite universities and colleges in the nation and remain with us for an average of 7 years on an employee basis. Our tutors are familiar with learning styles and knowledgeable in content areas, and we provide a best-fit tutor match to ensure a successful tutoring relationship.

The program that we use to inform tutoring courses is the Livius Prep 8+ Methodology:

  • Compare
  • Match
  • Plan
  • Enlighten
  • Practice
  • Challenge
  • Adapt
  • Execute

This sequence of steps toward ACT preparation is research-based and student-focused. We also provide online access to several preparation components so that students can prepare whenever they have a free moment.

Available ACT Prep Courses at Livius Prep

    • Prep Essentials
      • Online hosted class based, live instruction (12 hours)
      • Includes thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests
  • Mastering & Secrets of ACT
  • 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring
    • 1:1 private tutoring, hosted online
    • All online prep materials available in the Essentials course
  • 12-Hours In-Center Private Tutoring
    • 1:1 private tutoring, in-person at one of our centers in Wellesley, Newton, or Lexington, MA
    • Benefits offered with other programs

If you’re looking for ACT prep course options available in Boston, MA, consider the outstanding online and in-person programs from Livius Prep. We have centers in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA, for your convenience. Learn more by calling us at (800) 428-8378 or contact us online.