ACT Exam Preparation Classes Newton, MA

Getting a great ACT exam score begins with Livius Prep test preparation classes in Newton, MA, with a tutor who fully understands your strengths and weaknesses and can focus tutoring sessions on the areas that need it most.

ACT Exam Preparation Classes Newton, MA

Livius Prep was founded to empower each student to take control of his or her academic achievement. Since 1984, we have helped thousands of students improve their SAT or ACT scores. More than 1,000 of them have achieved perfect scores, and at least 2,000 Livius Prep students have been accepted to Ivy League schools.

Take advantage of small-group prep classes or one-on-one private tutoring with our proprietary strategies and materials, actual conditions practice tests, and an SAT/ACT comparison test. One-on-one test preparation enables you to work with an experienced instructor who can tailor each and every lesson to meet your academic needs.

How ACT Test Prep Can Help

Consider ACT test prep and tutoring with Livius Prep to take advantage of our extensive industry knowledge. Our ACT students have increased their scores by 6 points on average.

The best tip for mastering the ACT test is to start preparing early. A Livius Prep private tutor guarantees that students get lessons customized to their learning styles, score goals, study habits and schedule, as well as on-the-spot feedback.

If, for example, a student has mastered English grammar but needs to work on Algebra, the tutor will adjust the prep plan to maximize the student’s chances of test-day success.

It’s important to know that there is no such thing as a “bad test-taker.” Instead, there are prepared and unprepared test-takers. When it comes to the ACT, the Livius Prep test prep tutor will ensure that your student is well-prepared to meet their score goals.

Should I Take the ACT or the SAT?

Both the SAT and ACT are accepted by every college in America. There is no advantage to taking one test over the other, nor is one “easier” or “harder,” but taking the test that best fits their skills and abilities will help students earn the highest scores.

The best way to decide which test is best for you is to take Livius Prep’s ACT vs. SAT Comparison Test which compresses all components of the ACT and the SAT into a single test. It is accompanied by a highly detailed diagnostic report that provides a recommendation on which test is more likely to maximize your test scores.

An experienced Livius Prep tutor can help your student with ACT exam preparation in Newton, MA, with classes that focus on boosting test scores, strengthening study skills and improving confidence.  Call us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our programs, current offers and pricing.