Academic Tutoring Newton, MA

Searching for academic tutoring in Newton, MA? Look no further than Livius Prep. One-on-one academic tutoring with an instructor at Livius Prep will provide you with the opportunity to receive complete focus from a seasoned expert in the subject area of your choice.

Academic Tutoring Newton, MAWe’re here to help, whether you are trying to maintain a high GPA, studying for an upcoming exam or test, or are struggling with a difficult class or concept. Livius Prep’s approach is targeted and tailored to meet individual student needs and our commitment to student success and excellence was the catalyst behind our inception in 1984.

Academic Options

No matter what subject you need the most assistance in, our gifted instructors are prepared to help. Our tutors have master’s and/or doctoral degrees and a number of them are graduates of top schools like Berkeley and MIT. Using our proprietary curriculum, books, and strategies they can assist you wherever you need it most. Some areas we specialize in include (but aren’t limited to):

Effective Writing: Livius Prep’s instructional team consists of published writers, journalists, and college professors who can help you break down the process of writing to create texts that are entertaining, compelling, and thorough. We offer assistance in all forms of writing such as: technical, creative, and contest writing as well as persuasive, narrative, and expository essays.

Active Reading: Reading doesn’t just happen in your English/Language Arts class. It is necessary throughout life and in every subject area. Reading is critical for career success. Livius Prep experts will offer you reading instruction that has been based on strategies to keep you engaged and active in the reading process. We can show you how to differentiate your reading style for various print pieces including textbooks, novels, and articles.

Public Speaking & Communication: Communication skills will last a lifetime. Your success will be largely determined by how you communicate verbally and non-verbally. Whether you have to make a presentation in front of your class, are interviewing for a job, or trying to get into your dream college, communication is key. Our experts will teach you to present yourself in a confident way to your audience, whomever they may be.

Science: Livius Prep science instructors will provide supplemental materials to go along with your textbook so that you are supported and gain a deeper understanding of the topics discussed in class. Many of these instructors have worked in government agencies like NASA and the National Science Foundation. Their knowledge and expertise can prepare you for future lessons and help build confidence as you begin to participate more in class.

Academic tutoring in Newton, MA should begin at Livius Prep. Working with us means you are gaining the assistance of seasoned experts for personalized and private tutoring. Our professionals will tailor each lesson and activity to meet your academic needs in any subject necessary. Call us today at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to get more information on our pricing and current offers.