8th Grade Math Tutors Online

When students enter 8th grade, the highschool countdown begins, and online math tutors from Livius Prep will help prepare the students in your household to begin these years with a strong foundation.

Livius Prep – Effective Academic Assistance

8th Grade Math Tutors OnlineAs with any other service, a tutoring provider should be experienced and prepared. Livius Prep has over three decades of history excelling in the tutorial space, and we await the opportunity to provide personalized tutoring programs for every student. Our bona fides include one million+ tutoring hours and a math program proven to help students advance two grade levels upon completion.


The targeted approach that we at Livius Prep use prioritizes identifying and filling learning gaps and then requiring mastery of skills before continuing. With this approach, we’re able to build a strong foundation before progressing with new material. Compared to other tutoring programs that blindly review all material rather than identifying weaknesses, Livius Prep tutoring wisely uses time and, by extension, your money.

The Best-Fit Approach

The human variable in tutoring always plays a role in how effective programs are, and we understand this truth. The need to provide the right tutor for the particular student is clear, and we honor this need by providing the opportunity to change tutors if the fit is not right.

The pool of tutors here at Livius Prep is large, prepared, and committed. Our tutors serve as employees, not independent contractors, and they matriculate from the best colleges and universities in the country. We provide thorough training as well to make sure that our tutors are able to take their knowledge and translate it in a way students can understand.

Convenient Scheduling

The modern family has quite enough on its schedule without throwing tutoring sessions into the mix. Online tutoring programs like we offer at Livius Prep allow students to learn conveniently without disrupting their parents’ or guardians’ work schedules. This program serves grades 2-8 with one-on-one tutoring sessions each week, small group classes held online, and a curriculum designed for concept mastery.

Livius Prep understands that student remediation and enrichment are both important purposes of tutoring. We’re proud to help students catch up to grade level, find motivation to continue, or engage with advanced material and avoid boredom from a lack of challenging studies.

To introduce students to our program, we provide a two-week trial without charge. During those two weeks, you’ll be able to see first hand what’s possible with our targeted program of tutoring.

The online math program we offer can be chosen as a monthly or a 12-week program. Each week the student will receive private tutoring, curriculum support, and small group class. Participants who choose the one-month program will also receive homework support and a best-fit tutor match, and the 12-week program provides an additional pre- and post- evaluation and curriculum support for an entire semester.

If for some reason, the online program doesn’t provide sufficient support, consider our academic tutoring options. We provide private tutoring on an online or in-person basis for grades 6-12.

Livius Prep also provides exam prep for the ACT, SAT, or high school admission exams and private school and college counseling.

Arranging for online math tutors for 8th grade students couldn’t be easier than with Livius Prep. Call (800) 428-8378 to secure a team of academic professionals who will dedicate themselves to the academic growth of the student in your household.