7th Grade Math Tutors Online

Do you have a student in your household who’s struggling to succeed in 7th grade math and could use assistance from online tutors? Livius Prep has a longtime history of setting the stage for student success.

7th Grade Math Tutors OnlineDuring 7th grade, students typically begin to diverge into the courses most appropriate for their aptitude. Whether your child is in remediation, on-grade, or advanced level courses, Livius Prep tutors are able to help students maintain momentum toward advancement.

The current pandemic situation makes it imperative to provide outside help for students. Virtual learning with little accountability, school shutdowns, and the distraction of constant anxiety can be devastating for academic momentum. We can help increase engagement, identify and fill areas left unmastered, and propel students forward past the average classroom expectations.

The online math program we offer for grades 2-8 identifies areas that need to be targeted for mastery and then works toward it. In fact, students must exhibit 90% competence before moving on to the next standard.

Success in 7th Grade Math Is Critical for Success

Underestimating the importance of success in 7th grade math is a mistake. Following instructions, logic, number comprehension, and the foundation for higher maths are established in this period. Failure to master these skills will result in future failure in math courses, problem solving, science, and more.

Livius Prep has research-based proven methods and highly educated and trained tutors to establish a deep understanding of math while enhancing the confidence a student needs for the fulfillment of potential.

Livius Prep customizes the approach to tutoring to provide a best-fit tutor/tutee selection designed to ensure engagement and a tutoring style that works with the student’s learning style. We customize the approach to tutoring to work well for the individual.

An early development of math skill is integral to occupational success in present and future career paths. Most careers have a basis in math, especially computer and technical careers. Developing a workforce filled with prepared and skilled individuals is as important for the continued success of our economy as it is for the individual.

In addition to the online math course we offer at Livius Prep, we provide academic tutoring in specific courses like pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, trigonometry, geometry, pre-calculus, or AP Calculus I for grades 6-12. Call us at Livius Prep for professional insight into the best route for the student in your household.

Our students receive personal tutoring, 1:1, where they can be comfortable establishing a rapport with the tutor, unafraid to ask questions and express confusion. Our tutors aren’t freelancers; they’re employees who remain with us for seven years and have a full education background from the best schools in the country.

Whether you choose the online math course we offer for grades 2-8 or specific academic tutoring, either in-person or online, for grades 6-12, make sure that your student continues moving forward despite the challenges of math, learning style differences, and the distractions and obstacles of living through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Successful  acquisition of math skills needs to start early and continue throughout the grades. For help with maintaining this momentum, the Livius Prep online math tutors will help make 7th grade a success. To establish a spot on our schedule, call (800) 428-8378 or contact us online.