7th Grade Academic Tutor Newton, MA

When you choose Livius Prep to meet your needs for a 7th grade academic tutor in Newton, MA, you gain private tutoring with personalized instruction from subject area experts. Whether you are preparing to get the appropriate high school GPA, studying for a test, or need homework help, Livius Prep can help.

A commitment to student success and excellence was the driving force behind our inception in 1984. Since that time, we have helped thousands of students improve their skills in individual academic subjects and their scores on tests like the: ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, and ISEE.

7th Grade Academic Tutor Newton, MAOur experts have paired with students to work hard at bringing up math and reading scores as well as writing successful essays. We’ve watched students’ self-esteem and confidence improve alongside their scores. In fact, we are proud that at least 2,000 Livius Prep students have been accepted into Ivy League universities.

The team of educators at Livius Prep includes PhD and Master’s degree recipients in fields like: molecular biology, engineering, physics, English, and cultural and world history. They are equipped to tutor students in all subject areas.

Why Choose Livius Prep

Superior academic tutoring is what you receive when you choose Livius Prep. We employ strategic methods for solving and understanding problems, unlike other tutors and companies that merely offer online portals. We provide:

  • Session notes from tutors to parents following every session
  • Exclusive personal attention from an expert in the subject of your choice
  • Proprietary curriculum, strategies, and books
  • Small-group classes
  • One-on-one academic tutoring
  • Experienced tutors with master’s or doctorate degrees

Our Tutoring Services

At Livius Prep our academic tutoring services cover a wide array of areas including (but not limited to):

Test Preparation: Great test scores are the often the beginning of scholarships, and getting into a top-choice college, or private high school. Getting great test scores begins with a call to Livius Prep.

Communication/Public Speaking: Your success will be decided by your ability to communicate, verbally and non-verbally, whether you are making a presentation in front of your peers, interviewing for a job, or applying for your dream college. Our experts can teach you the skills necessary to be confident in all these situations.

Science: Our experts offer a deep understanding of physics, chemistry, biology, and much more. Many of them are graduates of MIT and Berkeley, and have worked for governmental agencies like: NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the US Geological Survey.

Math: You can opt for short- or long-term instruction in math. Strategies, assistance, concrete lessons, and a positive attitude, provided by our instructors, will turn that struggling student into a confident high-performer.

English & Language Arts: In every subject, reading and writing are critical skills. Our experts help students grasp the power of the written word through vocabulary, grammar, active reading, effective writing, and literature.

When you choose Livius Prep to meet your 7th grade academic tutor needs in Newton, MA, you are hiring seasoned professionals to provide you with personalized tutoring and lessons specifically tailored to your needs. Call us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to find out more about pricing and current offers.