6th Grade Math Tutors Online

Middle school is a turning point in the educational experience. Many students who excelled in elementary school begin to struggle. Livius Prep provides online math tutors to help students secure success in 6th grade math class. During a time when learning opportunities might be limited due to the circumstances of Covid-19, our service is especially vital.

6th Grade Math Tutors OnlineTutors are needed more now than in the past few decades because of the current plight of education. The classroom teacher is often unable to meet the demands of all students, leaving some behind, others bored and waiting for the rest of the class to catch up, and still, others just apathetic and uninterested. Livius Prep tutors will help get the children excited about learning, and our math program has been shown to help students grow an average of two grade levels.

While some students find math class stimulating and engaging, others have genuine difficulty connecting to the material and mastering the concepts that are critical to a foundation in mathematical understanding.

Math is a cumulative subject. As time passes, one unmastered skill can become a significant learning deficit. Call us sooner rather than later.

Tutoring from Livius Prep provides the one-on-one, individualized instruction that classroom teachers can’t provide. Students can feel entirely comfortable expressing confusion, asking questions, and getting answers wrong without feeling embarrassed. This comfort will increase engagement and facilitate comprehension.

The sixth grade math tutoring program we provide focuses on the criteria required to complete the grade, and we work toward mastery. Before proceeding to the next item on the list of benchmarks, students need to demonstrate a 90% level of mastery.

The Tutors at Livius Prep Make All the Difference

Livius Prep relies on tutors who are armed with education from the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the country along with our rigorous training programs.

Over the course of our decades in the educational field, we know how important dedication and preparedness are to student success, and we’ve proven ourselves over the course of one million+ hours of tutoring provided.

We pledge to provide a best-fit tutor for every student. Students must be able to develop a rapport with their tutors that promotes engagement and effort. Whether students study with us online or in-person, the tutors will be prepared, informed, and talented.

Livius Prep is pleased to provide students with a two-week free trial of online math tutoring. Give this program a try, and see if it’s what the student in your household needs.

If not, we also offer one-on-one academic tutoring online and in-person at one of our centers. This option is available for grades 6-12, as students begin to delve into more complicated mathematical concepts.

Help with math is just one of the ways Livius Prep can help students achieve. We also offer academic tutoring for a plethora of subject areas, college counseling, and exam preparation courses for the ACT, SAT, and high school entrance exams.

By offering online and in-person options, we’re able to help more students and provide them with a best fit medium. Online, students have no obstacles to attendance and no stigma among their peers, and in-person, students have the personal contact that some need to engage.

Prevent your child from suffering academic slide during the pandemic by offering online math tutors from Livius Prep to help with 6th grade math. We have the expertise, technology, and curriculum needed to see that your child masters the material. Schedule a session today by calling (800) 428-8378.