5th Grade Math Tutors Online

In the chaos of Covid, keep your child on track for success. The shut downs, Zoom classes, and constant distractions from academia make student struggles practically inevitable. The 5th grade year is always a challenge, with a quicker pace and increased rigor of material, but you can provide help for the student in your household by securing online math tutors from Livius Prep.

The Challenge of 5th Grade Math

5th Grade Math Tutors OnlineBy 5th grade, math studies tend to become more rigorous with less time on each concept. Without a proper foundation, students can quickly fall behind, and that’s where we step in. Livius Prep tutors know the subject matter well, communicate effectively, and adapt to individual learning styles.

We offer remediation, enrichment, and motivation to meet all students where they are and create strong, ready, and engaged 5th graders.

The skills expected of 5th grade math students build upon the skills learned in earlier grades. When students fail to learn any one of those skills, the effects become apparent, but the reason for poor performance isn’t always obvious. The program that we use identifies and targets areas that require remediation, provides enrichment, and even promotes engagement.

Early Intervention Is Key

Catching a student’s struggles early is key to successful intervention. The longer you wait to secure help, the greater the risk of the gap growing too wide to bridge will be.

In the school setting, students don’t get to choose their teachers. Unfortunately, the student/teacher dynamic doesn’t always work, and the student’s education suffers. When teachers fail to provide accommodations for learning differences or, for some reason or another, form an adversarial relationship with students, little learning goes on during the school day. In this situation, intervene by providing tutoring and meeting with the teacher as an advocate for your child.

A one-on-one setting is often more appropriate for students with different learning styles. We offer a range of tutoring programs including online and in-person programs.

Choosing online tutoring is beneficial for a few different reasons. Considering the current pandemic situation, social distancing is crucial, and our well-trained tutors and online program offer effective methods to stay apart while imparting important math skills, easily identifying areas that need improvement.

The flexibility of scheduling also makes online tutoring a great choice. Taking off early from work is difficult, especially for single parents. With Livius Prep online tutoring, your child’s tutor is as close as his or her smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

The online nature of tutoring can also be beneficial because of the medium. The modern student is comfortable using technology and will continue using technology throughout academic and occupational pursuits.

Three Available Programs for Math Tutoring at Livius Prep

Students in need of tutoring find three options available here at Livius Prep.

Students in grades 2-8 can access the math tutoring program that we host online. This program is criteria based and mastery driven to leave nothing uncovered or unmastered.

The academic tutoring offered for grades 6-12 will focus on specific subjects. If you require help with Calculus I, geometry, or trigonometry, for instance, you can find online and in-person tutoring options.

Students in the 5th grade who find themselves struggling with math can benefit from help from the online math tutors here at Livius Prep. Allow the experienced tutors, curriculum, and methods that we use benefit your child’s academic progress. To discover more about how Livius Prep can pave the way to a new understanding of mathematics, call (800) 428-8378 today.