Keep Your Skills Sharp While School’s Out

We’re helping to keep students on track while schools are closed with a daily elementary education booster program. Virtual sessions take place for one hour each day by grade level and are taught by our expert lead tutors. Classes are broken into a Math and ELA section and are built around a common core curriculum created by Certified Elementary School Teachers.

Virtual classes are conducted via Zoom webinar and are not cumulative — students can participate for a single week or for the entire program. Sessions are capped at 15 students (5 for our Kindergarten classes) for focused instruction, and parents will receive a lesson overview and evaluation for their learner at the start and end of each week.

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Sample Lesson Topics

Math Concepts, Grades K-6

Kindergarten: Count sequence / place value foundations / object counting and categorizing

First: Ten frames / skip counting / recognizing coins and counting money

Second: Systems of measurement / adding & subtracting / telling time

Third: Area and perimeter / one-digit multiplication / fractions

Fourth: Mixed numbers / 3 by 1 long division / 2 by 2 multiplication

Fifth: Geometric measurement: volume / equivalent fractions / mixed numbers

Sixth: Algebraic expressions and solving for an unknown / ratios and proportions

ELA Concepts, Grades K-6

Kindergarten: Understand spoken words and syllables / read emergent-reader texts with purpose

First: Read and describe similarities and differences between two subjects

Second: Formulate, ask, and answer: who, what, when, where, why, and how

Third: How to find facts on the Internet / write a story with a central message / folktales & myths

Fourth: Compare and contrast firsthand and secondhand accounts of a historical event

Fifth: How to quote a text when writing an explanation / figurative language

Sixth: Determining an author’s point of view and purpose / determining author’s tone

Responsive, Engaging Tutoring and Test Prep from Trusted Experts

"Incredible experience with Livius. My son's tutor was phenomenal and more than prepared him for his year-end exams. I could not recommend Livius more highly!!"

James, Livius Tutoring Parent

"It is unusual for my child to comment positively on the tutoring. However, he did give a thumbs-up on Livius. The tutor was very knowledgeable and hit right on the spot that needs improvement. Overall very positive experience."

Gang, Livius Tutoring Parent

"They look at your child as an individual. Specifically tailoring a program and tutor to their needs. I like that they can see every kid/family is unique."

Jenn, Livius Tutoring Parent

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