How We Do What We Do


Hiring Only The Best

We only want the best tutors representing us, therefore our tutors go through a careful vetting and training process before they can work with our students. We keep our standards high so we can continue delivering quality education.

Counselor Match Guarantee

If you decide your counselor isn’t a good match for you, just let us know after your first session. We’ll credit that session back to you and start you over with a new and better matched tutor for your needs.

2x7 Methodology for College Admissions

The way we approach college admissions is the result of 37 years of experience and 1 million + tutoring hours. We have cemented this knowledge into a methodology that we are confident will work for you too. Did you know 96% of Livius Prep students get into 1 of their top 3 college choices?

Our Packages

Essay Writing Package

1:1 essay review with a college application expert. Beginning with main essay topic brainstorm & structuring and working all the way through to essay draft reviews & completion. We also provide expertise for supplemental essays to ensure alignment with thematic approach.


College Counseling

Full college application focus with a college application expert. We guide you through the entire college admissions process, from picking schools to crafting essays to perfecting your applications. We take a thematic focus on all aspects of application including extracurriculars, awards, scholarships and interview prep.


Distinguished College Counseling

Full college application focus for the most motivated students who are aiming for the ivy leagues, guided by our most distinguished tutors with years of experience. With over 2,500 Ivy League acceptances in the last 10 years, we are experts at crafting the perfect application to make you a competitive applicant to your top choice schools.


Counseling + Test Prep Tutor Bundle

Need help with your college applications too? Alongside private test prep tutoring, we guide you through the rest of the college admissions process from essay writing and extracurricular activities to financial aid and timeline management, in order to ensure your entire application is strong and prepared for submission.


100% Refund Policy

We have confidence you will love our test prep tutoring, but if for some reason
Livius is not a good fit for you, we have a money back guarantee.
If tutoring packages are cancelled prior to the start of
the first session, students will receive a 100% refund.
Students who withdraw after the first session
but before the second, will receive a full refund minus $150.

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What A Livius Student Has To Say…

“My daughter had such a good experience with the Livius SAT prep, that she decided it might be good to also have another point of view on the entire college application process. Livius then matched her with Jodi, an extraordinary college counselor who was able to additionally help my daughter make the most of the more qualitative aspects of her college application. My daughter knew that great SAT scores weren’t enough, and Jodi was an instrumental resource and coach for helping her identify and further articulate accomplishments/interests/passions into a holistic application that was even more compelling.

My daughter was grateful to be accepted to schools that were important to her, and most importantly to her top choices: Harvard and NYU. My daughter’s work with Livius was a very helpful component of all that she did to make compelling cases for her candidacy at the schools she was most interested in. “

– Todd B., Livius Parent

What Families Have To Say About Livius Prep

"I very much recommend them to any parents looking for help"
"I would recommend this to anyone studying for the SAT"
"They are very specific to the needs of individual students"