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Each year we’re trusted to work with students at one of the most impactful, vulnerable times of their academic lives: as they prepare to take the SAT or ACT and apply for college. We’re continually awed by the level of dedication, commitment, and discipline we see from our Livius students, and we make every effort to match these traits through our rigorous training and standards for tutors, our industry-backed curriculum, and our unparalleled approach to test prep that considers the unique needs of each student.

We also know there are many different ways to measure success, and while the short-game may be important, it’s the big picture that really matters. Every session you complete toward improving an SAT score or excelling on an AP exam is also another building block toward long-term academic success—in college and beyond.

What’s the common denominator in this industry? It’s that you get out of tutoring and test prep what you put in.

But along the way, there’s a lot that your partners in academic success can do to help. This includes helping you decide which college-entrance exam is the best fit, determining your learning style, figuring out which program is ideal for your current needs, creating an environment (whether in person or online) that’s conducive to learning, modeling how to reduce test-taking anxiety, and offering customizations that ensure every student has exactly the program they need to drive results.

35 years of evolution in a changing industry

With one constant: An unwavering commitment to serve students and families


Livius (formerly Chyten Test Preparation) opened with a focus on counseling and writing programs.


Multiple centers opened to serve the Boston region. Curriculum is developed with a focus on test preparation strategies such as the Adjustable Essay Strategy, Zig Zag, and Route 66.


Operating 5 total centers throughout the Boston region.


First franchise developed and launched.


Over 30 franchises developed and launched throughout the country, including locations in California, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.


Neil Khaund hired as CEO of Livius (formerly Chyten). Over 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores achieved.


Franchise business consolidated in favor of streamlined growth through school solutions and online programs.


First two years of school business completed with efficacy data including 361% SAT score improvement, $30K in student merit-based scholarships, 110% Ivy League acceptance rate increase, and 50% college acceptance improvement.


Company is formally rebranded as Livius and launches its first center in Doral, South Florida.

Short-term results with a long-term impact

Authentic student relationships over bottom lines

Industry-leading curriculum backed by 35 years of experience

A whole-student approach to academic success

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What our clients are saying about the Livius experience

"The best part about having my son tutored at Livius was the comprehensive nature of what they offer. They take him from the beginning when evaluating his interests and enable him to do things by himself."

Eileen, Livius Tutoring Parent

"My son has been doing SAT tutoring, essay writing, college counseling, and he also had some help with his course work. What I find great about Livius is that it satisfies several needs for my son."

Donna, Livius SAT Parent

"Livius has been prepping my son for ACTs this coming July. Hoping that we can improve by about 3 points. Looks like we are on track. I would highly recommend. Alex our tutor has been great!!"

LC, Livius ACT Parent